Here Is The Reason Why Nick Comoroto Has Been Absent From AEW

AEW has cooked up a proper resistance to all the moves that has been sparked by WWE in recent time. Despite slip-ups from Tony Khan and a few questionable bookings from the company, yet, most of the wrestlers have been pretty happy with how things have unfurled.

So amidst all the glitz and glam what has gone right for Khan and company? Truth be told a lot of things. What hasn’t been so certain though is why a few wrestlers haven’t got any TV time at all? Being candid again, amidst such a huge roster, it is not always possible to bring everyone on the screen.

One of those dissatisfied stars off late has been Nick Comoroto. Comoroto cooked up a huge heat as a part of the Factory where he spent some impressive time alongside QT Marshall, Aaron Solo, Anthony Ogogo, Cole Karter, and Lee Johnson.


Here is what Sean Ross Sapp had to say about Nick Comoroto

However, since the faction disbanded, he has not been on television because AEW hasn’t found a plot to suit his gimmick. As per the latest report by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Comoroto was there on the backstage at the Norfolk AEW Collision. When delved deeper about his wrestling appearances, it was figured out that he has been off the charts since October 2023.

Going by the other reports though, he did appear in an indie company in January which was in New Jersey. When inquired was there an injury for Nick, there weren’t any affirmatives on that either. As things go, it is still pretty shady for Nick and there aren’t any reasons given by AEW either.

Only time shall reveal whether Comorto reveals to the main roster or not but then being very candid, it doesn’t really look like there is going to be a lot of hope for Comoroto.


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