Here Is The Reason Why Edge Wore A Mask During His Entrance At WWE Clash At The Castle 2022

WWE Hall of Famer Edge came out wearing a special red mask at the WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 premium live event for his match with Rey Mysterio against Finn Balor and Damian Priest of The Judgment Day. Over the last few weeks, things have heated up between these groups.


To settle their differences, WWE booked a tag team match between the legends and the two rising stars of the company. In the match, fans witnessed Edge pulling off a 619 on Finn Balor. This move and seeing the Hall of Famer wear Rey Mysterio’s mask has puzzled some fans.

Generally, Edge does not wear a mask while wrestling. However, according to the fans on social media, he came out wearing the red mask because he is teaming up with the Greatest Luchador after a long, long time. Also, the mask matched with the gear of Mysterio.



Some fans on social media felt that this could be a subtle way of WWE fueling up tensions between Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik and the WWE Hall of Famer. In the recent episodes of RAW, Dominik has expressed his unhappiness over the involvement of the Rated-R Superstar in their family discussion.

Dominik did not get a mask so far, but Edge got one

Another theory doing rounds on social media is that Dominik’s heel turn was triggered because he saw his father give a mask to the Rated-R Superstar before him. In his old interviews, Rey has said that Dominik should earn that right to wear a mask because it is a big thing for him.

After the match between The Judgment Day and Rey Mysterio and Edge, Dominik turned heel. He hit a low blow to Edge and then hit a clothesline to his father Rey Mysterio. The crowd was absolutely stunned after the heel turn.



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