Here Is The Reason Why Drew McIntyre Is The New Locker Room Leader Of WWE

WrestleMania 39 may be facing some major roadblocks along the way as two of WWE’s top stars maybe unfit to compete. Bray Wyatt’s status at the show of shows is uncertain and now Drew McIntyre has fallen ill as well. McIntyre was “extremely ill” ahead of last week’s SmackDown but he competed anyway, according to reports.


The Scottish Warrior competed in the number-one contender’s Fatal-5 Way match for the Intercontinental championship last Friday. He did this only after the medical team cleared him for competition backstage.

As reported by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Drew could have missed that show altogether. Johnson wrote: “McIntyre, who worked all the live events post-Smackdown, has received a lot of respect for how hard he has worked for the company, even when under the weather or working banged up over the last year. He’s very much a locker room leader in that regard.”


What’s next for Drew McIntyre in WWE?

McIntyre will now face his bro from “Banger Bros” Sheamus this week because of a unique finish last week. He and Sheamus pinned LA Knight and Xavier Woods simultaneously which led to confusion. The Intercontinental champion Gunther complained that he signed up to face only one opponent at WrestleMania 39. Therefore the “Banger Bros” will face each other on SmackDown to determine a sole contender for Gunther’s title.

We should know this week, what’s the company’s direction for the IC title on WrestleMania. If Drew becomes the no.1 contender, it’ll be a fresh match as he has never faced the Ring General before. McIntyre has even cut a promo asking to face Gunther at the greatest show of them all.

However, if Sheamus wins, it will be a rematch from their classic at Clash at the Castle. Sheamus is only an Intercontinental title away from becoming a grand slam champion. This big match between the Scottish and Celtic warriors is being advertised all throughout the week. Hopefully McIntyre has 100% recovered on SmackDown.


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