Here Is The Probable Reason Why Raquel Rodriguez Split Up With Braun Strowman

Raquel Rodriguez and Braun Strowman’s relationship has seemingly come to an end. The two WWE Superstars have unfollowed each other on social media platforms. They also deleted photos with each other, thereby confirming that they are no longer in love with each other.

Many fans have been curious to know the reason behind the breakup of Raquel Rodriguez and Braun Strowman. Since the couple has not posted any cryptic messages or photos after the split, it looks like there are no bitter feelings after the breakup.

When Braun Strowman fell in love with Raquel, he was not a WWE Superstar. The company had released him from the roster. Strowman returned to WWE after Triple H replaced Vince McMahon as the head of the WWE creative team. He had a decent tag team run with Ricochet before the Monster got injured.



On the other side, Raquel Rodriguez took the women’s tag team division by storm along with Liv Morgan. The two female stars captured the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships by defeating Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus. They also recorded a win over the dangerous duo of Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey.

Raquel Rodriguez and Braun Strowman probably broke up due to personal reasons

As mentioned ahead, none of the two former lovers have posted anything about each other but just unfollowed their social media accounts. It could be a sign that they split up due to personal reasons, and they do not want it to be discussed in public.

Several WWE couples have split up in the past due to personal reasons. Braun and Raquel become the latest addition to that long list. They have been doing well in their professional careers, and it should not be surprising if they end becoming the top names of their respective divisions soon.



Vinay Chhabria is a cricket and WWE enthusiast who supports Roman Reigns and Gujarat Titans. He has been following cricket for the last 15 years and WWE since 2016.

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