“Here Is My Man”- When Rhea Ripley Was In A Relationship With Another Wrestler Before Buddy Matthews

Rhea Ripley is one name that has been terrorizing the WWE Women’s circuit and she continues to get the laurels going her way. In the latest PPV called Payback, Ripley lifted the belt for herself again, beating Raquel Rodriguez after Dominik Mysterio interfered.

Ripley’s title run has been a phenomenal one so far and with Raquel still on the hunt for that title, expect the two to go head-to-head once again. However, when we talk about Rhea Ripley, one obvious talking point becomes is that of whom has she been dating all these days?

Well, there was a point in time when she fought in the Australian wrestling promotion, RCW. During her run for RCW, she dated not one but two of her co-workers that turned quite a few heads around the fans now that they are knowing about it.


Here is whom Rhea Ripley is dating now

Ripley’s first relationship in the wrestling circuit was that with Dane Davies who fought under quite a few ring names that included the likes of Green SMASH, Green SMASH Ranger, and Davey Green. However, after their breakup, Ripley started dating someone who was ten years elder to her and it was none other than Jett Armstrong.

The couple were together for a year and half as the pictures on Ripley’s Instagram handle usually range in the period of 2016 and 2017. In a post shared by her, Ripley said, “Don’t have to wait till Monday, he is my man crush everyday of the week.”

However, post January 2018, there weren’t any pictures shared of the couple as it was in February 2019 when Ripley shared her first snap with her next boyfriend, Demetri Jackson. Well, as things stand the couple has done a fair bit of job off the camera and are going pretty strong as reports state.


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