Here is how much revenue the big 3 cricket boards BCCI, ECB and Cricket Australia (CA) generate in a year

BCCI generates the highest revenue by a huge margin, as India is the biggest cricketing market in the world

The big 3 cricket boards, BCCI, England Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket Australia (CA), are the richest in the world at the moment, but people often wonder how much of revenue they actually generate per year, what are their sources of revenue and who actually sits at the no. 1 position in terms of generating the highest revenue.

Every cricket board has different sources of revenue which include their jersey sponsorship deal, title sponsorship deal, kit sponsorship deal and other stuff, but the biggest source of revenue for any cricket board is the broadcast deal for their home international games.

Apart from their own sources of revenue, every cricket board, including the big 3 cricket boards, also gets a share from the broadcast revenue of International Cricket Council (ICC). ICC generates their broadcast revenue from World Cups, Champions Trophy and World Test Championship (WTC) final.


Here is how much revenue the big 3 cricket boards generate in a year

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)

BCCI has recently cracked an IPL deal worth 48390 crore INR for the broadcast of IPL for a 5-year period. BCCI has to share 50% of their IPL broadcast revenue with IPL franchises, which means BCCI’s share from this new deal is 24195 crore INR for 5 years. It comes down to 4839 crore INR annually.

Apart from that, BCCI’s current deal with Star┬áSports for the broadcast of India’s home international games is worth 6138 crore INR, which comes down to 1227 crore INR annually. BCCI doesn’t have to share this amount with the IPL franchises.

BCCI’s official jersey sponsor at the moment is Byju’s. They have extended their old deal with BCCI for another 18 months. The deal is worth 55 million USD, which comes down to 292 crore INR annually. BCCI’s title sponsor PayTM, which will soon be replaced by mastercard, has a deal with BCCI worth 326 crore INR for 4 years, which comes down to 81.5 crore INR annually.


From ICC’s broadcast revenue, BCCI are guaranteed to receive a minimum sum of 250 crore INR per year and this number can go further up in certain scenarios.

From the known figures, BCCI’s total revenue per year currently stands at approximately 6688 crore INR.

England Cricket Board (ECB)

ECB’s current broadcast deal with Sky Sports, for the broadcast of their home international games and their newly launched franchise tournament The Hundred, stands at 260 million USD annually, which converts to 2074 crore INR. Since there is no private equity in The Hundred yet, ECB gets to keep all the broadcast money to themselves and there is no revenue sharing with any private stakeholders as yet.


ECB’s jersey sponsor Cinch pays them an amount of 6.5 million pounds per year, which converts to approx 61 crore INR and ECB’s title sponsor Vitality pays them 2 million pounds per year which converts to approx 18 crore INR. ECB’s share from ICC’s broadcast revenue annually is a minimum sum of 120 crore INR.

ECB has also cracked a deal with Sony Sports network recently to show England’s home international games, Vitality Blast T20 games and Royal London One Day Cup (RLODC) games in India. The exact value of that deal is, however, not known yet.

From the known figures, ECB’s current revenue per year roughly stands at 2274 crore INR.


Cricket Australia (CA)

CA has a 6-year broadcast deal with Foxtel and Seven network for the broadcast of their home international games and Big Bash League (BBL), which earns them 1.182 Australian Dollars (AUD). It converts to 6509 crore INR for 6 years and 1084 crore INR annually. Since BBL also has no private equity, CA keeps all the broadcast money to themselves.

CA has recently cracked a deal with the Indian broadcaster Star Sports to show the BBL games and Australia’s home international games in India for seven years. The deal is worth 250 million USD (1994 crore INR) for 7 years, which comes down to 284 crore INR annually.

CA’s jersey sponsor Allinta Energy pays them 30 million AUD for 4 years, which converts to 165 crore INR for 4 years and 41.25 crore INR annually. The exact value of CA’s deal with their title sponsors Dettol is not known yet. CA’s share in ICC’s broadcast revenue per year is a minimum sum of 115 crore INR.


From the known figures, CA’s current revenue per year roughly stands at 1524 crore INR.


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