Here are the auction rules and the purse for each of the six IPL franchises in CSA T20 league

The purse that has been set for each franchise to assemble a team of 17 players is 2 million USD, but franchises can spend more than that

The CSA T20 league is going to become the first league in the world after IPL to have the players signed through an auction. Every other league, apart from IPL, so far has only worked with a draft model.

The reason why IPL has worked with an auction model and every other league opted for the draft is because the teams need to have a big budget to go into the auction. The prices can go really high for some of the players in the auction if a lot of teams are interested in those players.

The budget for an IPL auction is 90 crore INR for each team at the moment. If it’s compared to the budget of each team in the CSA T20 league, it’s too high because, in the CSA T20 league, each team only has a budget of about 2 million USD (close to 15 crore INR), as reported by ESPNcricinfo.


CSA T20 league allows the teams to stretch the salaries of players beyond a given mark

However, what the CSA league allows the franchises to do is to stretch the salary of a player as per their desire and the maximum amount that can be deducted from the purse of 2 million USD for one player is only 250 thousand USD.


For instance, if a franchise directly signs a player for 400 thousand or 500 thousand USD or buys him at that amount in the auction either, the player will get the full money, but the franchise’s purse will be deducted only by 250 thousand USD for one player.

So, while the purse for the teams in the CSA T20 league auction is low as compared to the purse in the IPL auction, there is no bar on the teams in terms of stretching the salaries of the players, if they are capable enough to do so.

The auction of the CSA league is expected to take place within a month or two after all the six franchises release the names of the five players that they have signed pre-auction.





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