“I Can’t Wait To Marry You”- Dominik Mysterio’s Girlfriend Posts Valentine’s Day Update

A top WWE Superstar received a touching message from his fiancée on Valentine’s Day, showcasing their enduring love and commitment.

Dominik Mysterio has garnered significant attention as a villainous character on WWE RAW, earning resounding boos from audiences since his turn to the dark side two years ago.

On Valentine’s Day, Dominik, who has been dating Marie Juliette for 13 years, got a poignant note from her expressing her excitement for their impending nuptials. Dominik revealed the letter on his Instagram account, showcasing the depth of their relationship.


Looking back on their time together, Dominik said that Juliette didn’t know much about the wrestling industry at first in an earlier interview with Bakers Bantering. But as their friendship developed, she got more engaged and encouraging, going with him to WWE shows so she could see for herself how passionate and committed he is to his work.

Viewers’ attention has been drawn to Dominik and his status in the WWE world has been solidified by his on-screen relationship with fellow Judgement Day member Rhea Ripley. Dominik and Juliette’s strong dedication to one other is evidenced by their enduring love, even in the face of the pressures of their separate occupations.
As he creates waves in the professional wrestling arena and exemplifies the power of love both inside and beyond the ring, Dominik finds strength and support in his relationship with Juliette.


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