“He will get Cena in the Mania, so why leave?”- Fans divided over whether Drew McIntyre should exit WWE

WWE has been doing wonders in terms of booking its wrestlers currently and most importantly, the entire crop of midtable wrestlers, the way they have fought their way back, the way they have been reintroduced to the current storylines under the leadership of Triple H, it is simply brilliant. However, of late, there has been one man who has been feeling slightly dizzy and he is not liking what the entire industry is up to. He is none other than Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre has been a breakout star ever since he has arrived solo and from being an iconic heel to a crowd’s favourite, the Scottish warrior has been raising the roof like none other. From wrestling Dean Ambrose to going head to head with the Judgment Day whenever he has wanted to, he has been cutting promos like a knife through butter.

But then ever since the return of Randy Orton and CM Punk in the Elimination Chamber, somehow McIntyre has not really hit the right straps because Triple H is busy booking the bigger matches. But that doesn’t mean that he is not wanted. Obviously, today if WWE chooses to let him go, he will have multi-million dollar deals on the table with AEW not even spending a second to land the big man.


Here is what Twitter had to say about Drew McIntyre and his stint with WWE

What is so special about McIntyre? Well, his fighting flair for sure and more importantly he cuts an impressive physique. Not every wrestler can do that and he is certainly special. However, his mic skills have been questionable and with Heyman being the counsel of Reigns, he will need someone who can do the talking for him which will make him a man from hell.

However, with the current bookings caught in a rut, fans have voiced their opinions about whether he should leave WWE or not. Apparently, the kind of hard-working wrestler that he is, he should easily bag bigger deals and get to wrestler better under other promotions. Here is what Twitter had to say.

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