Women In Imperium? Gunther Addresses The Possibility Of Adding Female Stars To His WWE Faction

Gunther has been a force to reckon with in the WWE industry and with that being said his stable the Imperium has been somewhat of a treat for the fans. From Ludwig Kaiser to Giovanni Vinci, this stable has sported villainy like none other and as the world would have it, they have actually done a phenomenal job of terrorizing the entire WWE locker room.

When it comes to the future of any faction in the wrestling industry, one common question that arises is whether they should have any female character in the future and when Gunther was asked a similar question, we would say that the answer leaves us a bit disappointed.

Apparently, the kind of run that Gunther has been a part of, from running riots to wrecking oppositions, it feels like no one is going to defeat the Ring General in a singles match. The closest someone has come to defeating Gunther has been Jey Uso. The former had a scare from Chad Gable a few days ago as well. However, he still remains untouchable.


Here is what Gunther had to say about the possibility of a female member in Imperium

Talking on the Battleground podcast, Gunther said, “Um, there’s no plans for that no. It’s not uh, it’s not a group where it’s like we got to fill those spots. Who do we take it’s either naturally, or that it comes together or it doesn’t come together.”

While many other WWE factions have found themselves picking up female members for their particular factions which include the likes of Rhea Ripley for Judgment Day, Maxxine Dupri for Alpha Academy and the names would just keep on rolling out, this statement from Gunther kind of leaves a few question marks.

However, if you see this from a Kayfabe perspective, you would realize that Gunther is right. If he would have sent a clear-cut answer then what would follow are speculations altogether.


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