“Gill’s stumping was MS Dhoni at his best”, Stephen Fleming reveals that MS Dhoni had not done any wicket-keeping practice during IPL 2023

In the electrifying finale of IPL 2023, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the seasoned veteran, wowed cricket enthusiasts. His exemplary stumping of Shubman Gill breathed fresh life into his team’s chances. Dhoni’s agile move took a staggering 0.1 second, an astonishing feat for the 41-year-old player.

The entire cricket fraternity was taken aback by Dhoni’s agility. Everyone from Virender Sehwag to Sachin Tendulkar lauded Dhoni for his quicksilver feat. The consensus among these cricketing legends was clear. Even at 41, Dhoni’s speed and reflexes surpass those of younger wicketkeepers worldwide.

The Chennai Super Kings’ head coach, Stephen Fleming, revealed an interesting facet of Dhoni’s preparation. Contrary to what one might expect, Dhoni doesn’t spend excessive time honing his wicketkeeping skills. Instead, he dedicates his energy to batting practice and occasionally enjoys bowling, though this skill is seldom called upon in matches.


Fleming agreed with the universal sentiment that Dhoni’s wicket-keeping prowess is truly one-of-a-kind. Interestingly, during this IPL season, Dhoni didn’t partake in any specific wicket-keeping practice. His solitary wicket-keeping session was shared with Devon Conway and was more in jest than a serious training exercise.

Stephen Fleming heaps praise on MS Dhoni

This revelation about Dhoni’s training regimen offers a glimpse into the cricketer’s unique approach. Despite minimal practice, his exceptional natural talent and years of experience allow him to perform at the highest level. His 0.1-second stumping in the IPL 2023 final stands testament to this fact.

Dhoni’s display of agility in the IPL final not only enthralled the audience but also boosted his team’s spirits. His rapid dismissal of Shubman Gill was a turning point in the match. This iconic moment further reinforced Dhoni’s reputation as a game-changer.



Moreover, Dhoni’s performance ignited a spark of admiration among cricket veterans. From Sehwag to Tendulkar, legends of the game lined up to applaud his outstanding agility. Their collective agreement that Dhoni, at 41, outpaces all other global wicketkeepers is a commendable endorsement of his talent.

In conclusion, Dhoni’s breathtaking stumping in the IPL 2023 final added another glorious chapter to his illustrious career. His agility and speed, defying his age, earned him admiration from all corners. His unconventional training approach, revealed by coach Fleming, adds to the enigma that is Dhoni.


Cricket fans and pundits will continue to marvel at this feat. Will Dhoni continue to deliver such exceptional performances? How will his unique training approach shape his future in cricket? As we wait for these questions to be answered, Dhoni’s agility and prowess in the IPL 2023 final will remain etched in the annals of cricketing history.

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