Full List of WWE Superstars Advertised For WrestleMania 39 So Far

6 superstars have been advertised for the WrestleMania 39 2023 card by WWE so far. Both prize horses Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are expected to be on the show. Other superstars shown on it are Bobby Lashley, Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair. But the performance status of all six of them is subject to change at any time in accordance with WWE’s unpredictable nature and health of its performers.


It is being reported by reliable sources like Wrestling Journalist Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio that Reigns will still face The Rock at WM 39.

He has also reported that finally the one on one match between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey will probably happen then. The last time they were supposed to face each other, Charlotte Flair was added to the mix, making it a triple threat match which Becky won by pinning Rousey.


“The best I can tell is that the plan is for Ronda and Becky for the 2023 WrestleMania. So, it’s not like that match isn’t happening. Of course, between now and then, people can get hurt, a million things can happen between now and 2023, but that’s basically the deal,” Meltzer said in an interview.

Will Brock Lesnar be a part of WWE WrestleMania 39?

There are however no reports or even rumors about who the crowd puller Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar might have as an adversary but just him being advertised is a sure shot way of booking a whole lot of tickets for the mega show.

WrestleMania 39 is being advertised as “WrestleMania Goes Hollywood” as it’s going to take place at the SoFi Stadium Los Angeles, California on April 1st and 2nd 2023.


And this would also be the first time WrestleMania is being held without Vince McMahon in the picture as he quit his position as chairman of the board under some controversial circumstances.

We wonder who the Powerhouse Almighty Bobby Lashley and the Super athlete Bianca Belair might be facing and under what circumstances at the show of shows.


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