Former WWE Writer Says Cody Rhodes Is Not Over With Casual Fans

Former WWE and WCW booker Vince Russo recently spoke on Busted Open Radio on Cody Rhodes and WWE’s strategy to booking the superstar. Russo’s criticism focused on Cody Rhodes’ ability to connect with casual fans and WWE’s treatment of the character.

According to Russo, Cody Rhodes isn’t capturing the attention of casual fans, which he defines as viewers who are drawn to a show by the presence of a mega-star, regardless of the show’s overall quality. He emphasized that to engage casual fans, a superstar needs to be perceived as a magnetic figure who can compel viewers to tune in.

“Cody Rhodes is not over to the casual fan. He’s not. I have no interest in watching Raw. If there was a mega-star on that show, I would want to watch him. That’s what a casual fan is, bro. … If it’s good, I’m gonna watch it. If it’s bad, I’m gonna watch something else.”


What did Vince Russo say about Cody Rhodes?

Russo further argued that WWE hasn’t effectively utilized Cody Rhodes. While Rhodes is a regular presence on television, Russo contended that his character development has been limited to interactions with the live audience, such as asking questions like, “Farmingville, New York, what do you want to talk about?” Russo believes that this approach doesn’t contribute significantly to Cody Rhodes’ character growth.

“They’ve done nothing with this guy, outside of [having] him go out there every week and say, ‘Farmingville, New York, what do you want to talk about?’ Cody doesn’t write the show. They’ve done nothing with him.”


It’s important to recognize that opinions on wrestling talent and booking can vary significantly, and the effectiveness of a wrestler’s character is often subjective. Cody Rhodes has had a notable career in the wrestling world, marked by both highs and lows. As with any prominent figure in the industry, wrestling fans will continue to hold diverse views regarding his current role and presentation in WWE.

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