Former WWE Women’s Champion Confirms That She Will Miss WrestleMania XL Due To Injury

When we talk about Entertainment Wrestling, one word that comes with it is injury. Anyone can be injured at any point in time and there is no one coming to save you. You heal and you fight back. But we have also seen some massive injuries which are shocking to say the least. One of the latest injuries that have left the world shocked is that of Shotzi as she torn her ACL and is yet recovering from the horrifying injury.

After the unfortunate news of her injury took to the world, she appeared on Instagram with the latest update on her injury and what is the extent of it and when she can be back again in the ring. Just for everyone curious enough, a torn ACL can have physical and psychological impacts too.

During one of the TV tapings for NXT on February 13th in a match against Lyra Valkyria, Shotzi copped this unfortunate blow. Apparently the episode was supposed to be aired on February 20th. However, after this crushing blow, the entire proceedings had to be halted.


In the message that she typed for her Instagram, it had gratitude for everyone who reached out to her. As mentioned before that this injury comes with a prolonged state of mentally being shorthanded, she also said that she was unable to reply because of her overwhelming emotions that ranged from panic to fear and eventually was replaced by the feeling that things will be alright but with time.’

Here is what Shotzi had to say about her torn ACL

She posted, “I tore my ACL which means I will be out of action for about 9 months. Thank you to everyone who has checked up on me. I am so sorry if I haven’t responded. I am just extremely devastated and angry. Some of you know, I have been through a lot the last few years and it has been so hard to keep up with what I think is expected of me and honestly my mental health had been at an all time low.”

However, she also pledged that she will be turning the tide around, citing her sister’s heroic resistance against cancer and she also said that she will be battling all guns blazing and when she returns, there will be no stopping her.


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