Manchester United Logo: What Does It Means?

Manchester United is undoubtedly one of the most supported football clubs across the globe and the cult football following that they have racked up over the years keeps on growing with every passing day. Even albeit the steady decline in the club’s fortunes post-Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure, the outfit keeps on commanding huge numbers in terms of fan following.


People who have supported the club for a while now know that the United jersey was not forged in a day. From the royal logo to the last thread of every single incarnation of the jersey that Manchester United has donned, it has symbolized love, pride, honor, and most importantly the unwavering wish to carry on.

Here is everything that you need to know about the Manchester United logo

However, there is a common question that does the rounds in the footballing circuit, especially among the fans and it is what does the Manchester United logo means. Well, firstly, the logo has gone through countless permutations and combinations and has eventually reached the promised land momentarily.


However, that doesn’t assure that the logo would remain the same for the ages to arrive. A logo is a royal symbol of hope, belonging, and the spirit of a club. This is the seventh United Club Logo and is almost similar to that of the 1973 version with very minimal modifications.

As you would all know that Manchester United players and fans are called the Red Devils, the creature in the middle of the logo signifies the devil itself. The club took the nickname of the Devils under the chaperonage of Sir Matt Busby and it is well known that everyone started taking notice of Manchester United when the tragic incident of 1958 unfolded and United would come back from there and instill fear in the hearts of their oppositions.

The two balls on the sides of the logo signify the sport that Manchester United is a part of and also is inclusive of everyone to the game. In short, Manchester United wear Red Devils on their crest.


They are in the midst of tumultuous times even though promising ones lie ahead with the arrival of Erik ten Hag in the forthcoming summer.


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