Five players Liverpool should not have released

The rich history of Liverpool FC has been well documented as they dominated football in the late ’70s and ’80s. However, the inception of the Premier League and the money from media rights gave a lot of power in the transfer market to Liverpool’s foes. In the past 30 years, Liverpool have made quite a few transfer mistakes, almost always due to financial restrictions. In this article, we will look at five players Liverpool should not have released.

#5 Danny Ings

More than his record, Ings’ reputation in the dressing room was the reason that made his departure shocking. Liverpool acquired Ings from Burnley after a lengthy transfer saga in 2015. However, a host of injuries meant that he never quite got consistent chances in Klopp’s team. When he finally looked fit, the Liverpool trio of Mane, Firmino and Salah had become indispensable.

After a one year loan in 2018-19, Ings’ departure to Southampton was confirmed in the summer of 2019. Liverpool should not have released him as he could have been an ample back-up for the front three in case of injuries or fatigue.


#4 Robbie Fowler

‘The God’ as he was fondly called the Anfield faithful, Fowler’s time with Liverpool is memorable for several reasons. In the ’90s, his partnership with Steve McManaman was the stuff of dreams for Liverpool fans. However, his form gradually declined after McManaman’s departure to Madrid.

Michael Owen and Emile Heskey established themselves as starters and Fowler was transferred to Leeds in a very controversial manner in December 2001. Both Liverpool and Fowler struggled without each other and were finally united in 2007 under Rafa Benitez.

#3 Javier Mascherano

After a lengthy transfer saga in January 2007 with West Ham, Liverpool finally bought Mascherano. He was added to the Champions League squad and impressed everyone for the remainder of the season. He sat deep alongside Xabi Alonso and was Liverpool’s engine throughout his three-year tenure.


His transfer to Barcelona did not come as a shock as Liverpool’s finances meant that they cannot afford the player of the calibre of Mascherano anymore. Liverpool should not have released Mascherano as it signalled the beginning of a dreadful era for Liverpool.

#2 Fernando Torres

After Gerrard, Torres was the most beloved Liverpool player by fans as his goal-scoring prowess gained him cult status at the Kop. Torres joined Liverpool in 2007 after a very successful start to his career with Atletico Madrid. He scored 24 goals in 33 appearances in his debut season.

He was still in his prime when Chelsea came with a huge bid in January 2011. He eventually joined Chelsea much to the wrath of Liverpool fans. He was a huge flop at Chelsea but did win the Champions League in 2012.


#1 Xabi Alonso

Alonso’s arrival from Real Sociedad gave Liverpool fans a lot of hope, while his transfer to Real Madrid was truly the end of all their dreams. Alonso was the kind of player that was never seen in the Premier League before. He had an unmatched passing range and creativity, all while playing as a defensive midfielder.

His partnership with Mascherano provided Liverpool with a lot of solidity in the midfield. Alonso’s departure to Real Madrid completely destroyed Liverpool’s plans for sustained success in Premier League and Champions League. He had a very successful career at Madrid, forming a double pivot with Sami Khedira. He retired at Bayern Munich after fulfilling his dream of playing under Guardiola.


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