Five dream combinations in football which fans would love to see for their favourite clubs

We football fans always have our dream combinations for our favourite teams which we keep on craving for until the dying embers of their career. No matter how impossible it may seem or how crazy it may sound, we still believe that in one alternate reality this probably does happen and our team yields gold from the menacing duo of two of world’s deadliest players clubbed together.

We are going to look forward to five such combinations which fans have often talked about and fantasized that could have paved the way for one of the greatest combinations of the world, plundering as many goals as you would love them to do and also snuffing out the attacks of the opposition at will.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi


The two best players of the world have always been on separate sides. Not even the sponsor-based teams in FIFA could bring them together. However, it is like an ineffable wish on every football zealot’s bucket list to watch this duo team up in an effort to bid for unparalleled greatness.

Given the creator, Messi is and the finisher that Ronaldo is, the duo can smash records at will without any ado. The extra-terrestrial flair from the Argentine mid-fielder sets the field on fire while the unparalleled shooting dexterity from the Portuguese talisman puts an end to the defensive hopes of any other defenders in the world.

Also, the fact that if this duo comes together for any football team, that may result in a financial boom for the club so loud that no other football contemporaries will be able to equal that unless we have two greater players than this bunch.


2. Virgil Van Dijk and Kalidou Koulibaly

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Van Dijk has been the face of defence at Anfield for the past couple of years and has also managed to establish himself as the best of the world. Haplessly, his partners, despite being of significant stature failed to create the right ripples and that eventually has exposed the Liverpool defence to several bombardments. Koulibaly, on the contrary, has been Napoli’s solitary glimmer of hope in the face of their adversaries. Despite the club faltering big time to notch up star players, the Senegalese international has made a name for himself so big that it draws considerable fanfare to Italy.

If these two players link up under any circumstances, the defence that they will be a part of, will be nothing short of an impregnable wall. Van Dijk’s towering stature and aerial prowess laced with the shot-stopping ability and perfect sliding tackles and inhuman acrobatics in the defensive line from Kalidou establishes a screen just ahead of the custodian so strong that their opponents will have to produce something way more special than this duo to find an infringement.


3. Kevin de Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes

Picture courtesy: Manchester evening news

De Bruyne has transcended his game beyond any other midfielder in the English Premier League. Known for his brutal footwork that witnesses him gliding past a score of opponent players with consummate ease, making them dance to the tunes of his footballing siren, De Bruyne has laid the framework for Manchester City’s enviable rise through the English and European ranks.

Though a comparison won’t really be sagacious, however, right since the arrival of Bruno Fernandes to Old Trafford, Manchester United has resurged itself to what one would call a premium brand of English football. Known for his picture-perfect balls in the attacking third, his rasping shots that often leave the goalkeepers stunned, his Godlike set-pieces, the duo can dismantle any set of opposition if they start glowing together.


The best part about this partnership will be the amount of workload that this duo inculcates in their respective sides. Almost a part of every single playing minute, De Bruyne and Fernandes has not failed to amaze the onlookers with their unsparing bouts of upliftment towards the end of the game which visibly throws any opponent off their hooks, given the weariness slowly sinking in.

4. Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland

Picture courtesy: Sky Sports

Right since the arrival of Haaland to Dortmund, the 20-year old lad has fired at free will and in most of the matches has managed to find the back of the net emphatically. In the 15 Bundesliga matches that he has played until now, the Norwegian striker has managed to score 13 goals and strung 2 assists which have validated his price in Germany.


Lewandowski has been going through one of his dream phases in his glittering football career as the last two seasons have seen him being involved in a total of 63 goals in his respective European league, a number only bettered by Lionel Messi.

In the ongoing season, he has managed to smash 53 goals across all competitions which have even thrown Ronaldo behind him in the race to European Golden Boot. With every passing day, he is turning himself into a goal-machine so insuperable that every single effort from the defenders has been rendered futile. If this two join forces in the imminent future, it will be nothing but carnage upon their oppositions.

5. Sadio Mane and Kylian Mbappe

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Two soaring speedsters of the decade, Sadio Mane on the left and Kylian Mbappe on the right is the ultimate nightmare for any opponent on the field. Known for their sudden bursts of acceleration at any point in time, these two can effectively throw the opposition off the rails without breaking a sweat.

Mane has been extremely crucial to the plans of Jugen Klopp in propelling Liverpool to the top of the league. He is not just a winger but his striking abilities that come with a wide variety of shots, probing the opponents makes him one of the most sought-after attackers in world football.

Up next is Kylian Mbappe, a youngster who was highly industrial in terms of France lifting the 2018 World Cup and also PSG’s primary weapon in firing a staggering number of goals across the face of all competitions that they participate in. It was the French marksman whose introduction in the UCL game last night derailed a spirited Atalanta in the dying embers of the game.


Now conceive the speculation that these two exciting sensations join forces in the heart of any team’s attack. The team will simply breathe fire on the wings and a football team that has two dynamic wings will not have to worry for any single match in the future as there will never be a dearth of opportunities to convert.

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