Five active players who have scored most goals for a single club

With every passing day, football has taken a new shape that has pressed the players in the most spartan ways to transcend themselves beyond the set benchmark of excellence. Pushing oneself beyond the limits is what has brought glorious records to these self-styled Gods of the sport. One such record is being the top scorer for the club that the players play for and it’s a feat that is not achieved easily.

Being the top scorer of the club takes the highest stakes on the stage and the hunger to score in every match you play, considering there is no limit in the number of goals you score.

We will now look at a handful of those players who achieved the impossible and are still breathing fire in the sport. While few have showcased unwavering loyalty, adhering to the same club that won them the prominence, the other few chose to move on in pursuit of greater glory.

#5 Edinson Cavani (200 Goals)

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Edinson Cavani proved the world that he was one of the most dangerous strikers when he was playing for Napoli. Later, he went on to become the all-time leading goal-scorer for PSG.

In 301 appearances, Cavani has scored a record-breaking 200 goals for the French stalwarts. Spearheading the attacking force, Cavani is known for his abilities to score with every opportunity he has, even acrobatic ones both with his feet and head. Though PSG currently boasts of a few players who can challenge Cavani in the long run, his record of being the leading goal scorer for the club will always remain etched in the golden pages of history.

#4 Wayne Rooney (253 Goals)

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The prince of Manchester United, the ruthless Wayne Rooney, played for the Red Devils for more than a decade, from 2004 to 2017. Easily one of the best signings, Sir Alex Ferguson made for the club, Rooneyattained the cult status of a heroic goal-scorer in very short succession.

Appearing for 559 matches, Rooney has found the net 253 times.
Wazza is widely known for his aggression, godlike precision in his long-rangers, tenacity and the commitment towards his game which is still to be paralleled. Even though Rooney has left Manchester United, he has left an indelible mark on the history of Old Trafford.

#3 Sergio Aguero (254 Goals)

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One of the best strikers of his generation, Sergio Aguero is one of the biggest reasons for Manchester City’s success in recent years. Signed in the summer of 2011, Aguero went on to break many records and become a legend at the club, one of which is becoming the club’s all-time leading goal scorer.

Aguero has scored 254 goals in just 370 appearances for the club, which is not an easy feat playing in the English Premier League. Known for his prolific scoring abilities, Aguero is dangerous with the ball and of it too with some extremely unpredictable movements. Despite age has some catching up to do, the purple patch that Aguero has relished for the last 4 years under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola has been indispensable in the title hopes of City.

#2 Cristiano Ronaldo (450 Goals)

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The man who needs no definition, a superstar of the game, Cristiano Ronaldo smashed every goal scoring record while playing for Real Madrid like it was nothing. Joining Real Madrid in 2009 for a record-breaking fee, Ronaldo brought unprecedented success to the club, as the world witnessed him edging past the glorious antiquity left by Di Stefano.

Easily touted as one of Real Madrid’s greatest, Cristiano Ronaldo has fired 450 goals in just 438 appearances. Ronaldo is one of the selected few who has scored more goals than appearances for the club. CR7 is famously known for individually winning matches for the team with his goal-scoring abilities, which made him win every possible individual award that includes winning the Balon d’Or five times and the European Golden Boot a whopping 4 times. Often touted as a goal-machine, Ronaldo has left a trail of carnage to every single stadium that he stepped his foot in.

#1 Lionel Messi (633 Goals)

Picture Courtesy – Bleacher Report

One man has taken the game of football to heights that will probably never be reached again. Lionel Messi is not just a goal scorer but one of the most complete attackers in the game, with his Godly dribbling skills, phenomenal passing techniques, and sublime playmaking flair.

Being a complete player hasn’t stopped Messi from scoring. Messi has scored an astonishing 633 goals from 729 games. In the calendar year of 2012, Messi scored 91 goals surpassing Gerd Müller’s record of 85 goals in the single calendar year of 1972. Ageing like a fine scotch, Messi’s hunger to prove himself day in day out, despite being one of the game’s greats, validates his character as one of the best of the world.


He’s the only player to win the Balon d’Or and the European Golden Boot six times. Messi’s game is often regarded as magical and genius. Most of the football fans and critics regard him as the best player ever in Football. It is easy to say that his records won’t be touched for a very long time.

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