“Fingers Crossed”- New Addition To Imperium Teased In WWE WrestleMania 39 Weekend

The Ring General and Intercontinental Champion Gunther leads Imperium on SmackDown and they are one of their top factions. Apart from Gunther, the faction comprises of Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci, who were spotted recently with NXT’s Ilja Dragunov.


Kaiser has posted an Instagram story featuring himself and Vinci with the NXT star at the gym. What has sent the WWE Universe guessing is the fact that Kaiser has used the “Fingers Crossed” in the photograph. Speculators think that this means Dragunov might be joining Imperium.

Imperium is predominantly a German faction or at least depicted as so. Kaiser is the only German in the group, Gunther being Austrian and Vinci being Italian. Their whole look and mannerisms resemble the Nazi Germans.


Although Ilja is Russian, he grew up in Germany, which makes him the perfect candidate to join the faction. Dragunov has been performing on NXT UK and then NXT for quite a while now. Although he was a top contender in NXT UK, he is nowhere near his old glory in its American version. This might just be the opportunity he needs to break into the main roster.

Will Ilja Dragunov join Imperium in WWE?

Imperium’s leader Gunther has history with Dragunov as well. The Russian was the wrestler who beat him for the NXT UK title and broke his 870 days record setting reign in a rematch. Gunther’s old ring name was Walter back then and he was much heavier in stature.

He won the IC title from Ricochet in June last year and is presently the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in the last 34 years in WWE. He will be defending his title against Drew McIntyre and Sheamus in a triple threat match this weekend at WrestleMania 39. Experts from the industry are predicting that the Austrian will retain his title on the show of shows.


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