WWE Crown Jewel 2022 Predictions: 5 Possible Finishes To Roman Reigns Vs Logan Paul Match

WWE have announced a mega match between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul for Crown Jewel 2022, where the Undisputed championship will be on the line.


The entire internet is pumped up after the announcement and are eagerly waiting to witness a larger-than-life contest in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Let’s discuss 5 possible endings for Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul match at WWE Crown Jewel 2022

1. Roman Reigns wins clean against Logan Paul

The odds of Logan Paul winning the Undisputed titles at Saudi Arabia are very low as it would be too early to hand over the championship to a guy who has just entered into WWE. So, it is likely Roman Reigns may leave the arena winning without much turbulence.


2. Roman Reigns wins via disqualification

Famous Boxing personality Jake Paul teased that he might visit Saudi Arabia to witness his actual brother, Logan Paul’s match. If the things go intense, Jake Paul could interfere to save The Maverick from Tribal Chief and his troops, which may lead into disqualification and Roman Reigns retaining the championship.

3. Austin Theory Cashing in Money in the bank contract

Austin Theory cashing in his money in the bank briefcase and becoming the new WWE Undisputed champion is another outcome which is possible in the match. After consecutive failed attempts, Theory would aim this time to leave the stadium with titles and end the main event with a shocker.

4. Logan Paul wins the Undisputed championship by defeating Roman Reigns

Being a social media sensation, Logan Paul has lot of mainstream appeal which would benefit WWE in capturing plenty of attention to their product. So Triple H would not mind crowning The Maverick as the new champion at Saudi Arabia’s premium live event.


5. Bray Wyatt returns and confronts Roman Reigns

Reports are claiming that White Rabbit is connected with Bray Wyatt, which indicates WWE return of The Eater of worlds is just around corner. He could emerge at Riyadh attacking Roman Reigns to set up a match for the Undisputed championship.


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