Steve Smith was a ‘bits and pieces’ player until this massive realization

In a hearty regale between the two captains of the upcoming Test series between India and Australia, Steve Smith confessed that he was more of a bits and pieces player. According to Smith, he wanted to be involved in the game as much as others. About 14 and 15, the board was looking for spinners to spin the ball as much as possible and this move came after the renouncement of the veteran leggie, Shane Warne.

Steven Smith labeled himself as a ‘blonde little pudgy’ leg-spinner, who also looked similar to the legendary Warnie according to a few people. Smith loved to bowl in the first place. However, leg-spin took a lot of work, and one needed to work consistently harder to get better at it. Simultaneously bowling and batting at the same time, he never wanted to let go of his batting which was his strength.

How Steve Smith became a batsman permanently?

In 2012, Steven Smith got axed from the side where he played two tests as a spinner while three tests as an all-rounder. He was batting at number 6 and he got dropped and he kept on mulling the fact that what is the best way to get back in the Australian side.


That was when he realized that he will have to let go of spin. Despite many people saying that there are different parts of the game that he will have to focus on, he insisted that it is his decision. He wanted to be the best batsman that he can be and it is too much to focus on both the factors at the same time. It was also taking a toll on his fielding which was his love for the game.

He made that decision and that was since he bowls rarely in the net and focused on being the best batter he could be. According to Smithy, it was a big decision for him going against everyone but he is happy with it now.


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