Twitter explodes in disbelief as Messi wants out of Barcelona

If the Barcelona fans thought that the worst was way behind them with the Catalan giants being thrashed in a humiliating manner by the European champions, Bayern Munich, the eye of the storm was still about to rattle them.

Right since that cursed night in Lisbon, the team was imploding from within as rumours of internal gulfs materialised way too frequently. Now to make matters worse, the biggest chasm of the club has exposed itself in exponential proportions as Lionel Messi has reportedly sought out from his boyhood club after a glittering career of 17 long years.

Much to the dismay of the Barcelona hardliners, this isn’t just rumour that they have been listening to perennially but a hardcore fact which exposes the dirty and corrupt politics that has been tarnishing the club for quite some time now.

Rumours have it that a rift with Josep Bartomeu made the possibility of Messi leaving the club more glaring with the Argentine expressing clear dissatisfaction at the modus operandi of the Catalan stalwarts.

A man who went on to net 444 goals from 485 matches at Camp Nou will not have any dearth of options as the European magnates have already started to unfold their best to lure the Argentine God into their ranks. However, buying a God isn’t as easy as you would expect it to be because with the contractual obligations of Messi that seems Barcelona knotted with the game-maker is nothing short of a cat’s cradle.

The suitors will need the best of the legal help in order to introduce Lionel Messi to play for them. With all said and done, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool are the hot favourites to lure the talisman into their ranks. As the Football God made it clear about his intentions to part ways with Barcelona, Twitter flooded with concerns and emotions those remained pent up for centuries.

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