5 most underrated cricket commentators

The cricket commentators have a huge role to play in making sure that the broadcast of a cricket game remains engaging and compelling for the viewers and the cricket world has been blessed with some wonderful commentators over the years.

While most of the cricket commentators get their due, some of them often slip under the radar and don’t get as much appreciation as the others. Here are the 5 most underrated cricket commentators who deserve more praise and appreciation than they get –

#1 Pommie Mbangwa

Pommie Mbangwa is someone who has got amazing intensity while commentating in most intense moments of the game. He is not someone who indulges himself with the insights too many times, but the kind of atmosphere he creates with his voice makes the TV audience feel as if they are present in the stadium themselves.

Mbangwa is basically one of the best in the world in terms of glorifying the moments on the cricket field.

#2 Jeff Dujon

Jeffrey Dujon was the former West Indies wicket-keeper batsman who kept wickets against the fearsome West Indies pace quartet in the eighties and he really knows the game inside out.

Dujon commentates very less these days and hardly ever travels outside West Indies for commentating purposes, but those who have listened to his analysis of the game on air have really got a lot of admiration for him.

Dujon’s commentary is not always about glorifying moments and stuff like that, but he focuses on the insights and likes to enlighten the viewers about the technical and tactical side of the game.

#3 Mike Atherton

Normally when we talk about English commentators, Nasser Hussain comes to mind straightaway and Mike Atherton goes under the radar, but in reality, Atherton is as good as Hussain in terms of analyzing the technical side of Test cricket.

Atherton is not someone whom you would notice a lot on air because of the fact that he doesn’t really create too much of an atmosphere, but if you listen carefully what he has to say, you will find he is making complete sense most of the time, particularly with his commentary on Test cricket.

#4 Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas didn’t really have as illustrious an international career as some of the other famous commentators and normally, when you step into commentary after an illustrious international career, you are always in demand because people want to listen to your views on different cricketing matters.

But, with commentators like Nicholas, not a lot of people know them to start with. So for them, it’s more of a challenge to establish themselves and Nicholas has been able to do that wonderfully. Right now, he is a sought after commentator around the globe.

#5 David Lloyd

David Lloyd has tried almost every job related to cricket. He was a very successful county cricketer, then he played international cricket for England for a brief period of time, he coached the England national team as well after his retirement as a player and he also tried his hands at umpiring.

However, later Lloyd decided that his best job would be behind the microphone and he has now been working as a commentator for quite a few years. Lloyd has a unique style in terms of narrating things, he has a subtle sense of humor and has a unique accent as well which makes him an interesting commentator.

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