5 Things Charlotte Flair Is Yet To Achieve In WWE

Ric Flair‘s legacy is carried forward in glorious fashion with the rise of his own daughter Charlotte Flair. The Queen is known to be one of the most gifted athletes in all of sports entertainment rising up to the ranks with her pure in-ring talent, a slight push because of her legacy, but has proven herself to be Charlotte Flair, the top Superstar of the women’s division and not just Ric Flair’s offspring.


But another aspect that makes Charlotte a top-caliber box office attraction is her impressive list of accolades. Flair in her 8-year stint in the WWE has been a 6-time RAW and Smackdown Women’s Champion, 2-time NXT Champion, 1-time Tag Team Champion, a Royal Rumble winner, the final holder of the Divas Championship, and a Wrestlemania main eventer.

But even such an illustrious resume has its own share of omissions. Here are 5 accolades still missing from The Queen’s accomplishments:


1. Queen’s Crown

The one accolade that is actually befitting her earned the nickname, Charlotte Flair is yet to compete and win the Queen’s Crown tournament, launched in 2021 as a counterpart to the long-standing traditional King of the Ring tournament for the women. Maybe sometime in the future, Charlotte’s moniker would actually have its deserved title, crown, and the throne of her superiority.

2. Money in the Bank contract

Charlotte Flair won the Royal Rumble match in 2020, adding an accomplishment apart from her championship accolades.

However, the genetically superior Superstar is yet to add the Money in the Bank briefcase to her trophy collection. However, it is interesting to note that Flair has been cashed on with the golden opportunity the most times with 3, so winning the MITB and cashing it herself could be seen as an act of redemption for her.


3. Royal Rumble accolades

Apart from winning the 2020 Royal Rumble match, Queen Charlotte Flair is also the holder and frontrunner for various other records related to the name-sake match such as the total number of eliminations, most appearances, and most cumulative time spent in the rumble match.

Charlotte can upgrade her rumble resume by adding two missing records i.e most eliminations in a single rumble match and the shortest time spent in the match to become the holder of every possible Royal Rumble match accolade.

4. First woman to hold all active titles

As mentioned above, Charlotte Flair’s title collection has been the most recognized and is considered to be a benchmark for other WWE Superstars.


Despite winning a total of overall 16 championships in the company, Flair’s curriculum vitae is currently missing the NXT Women’s Tag Team championships. This could become an opportunity for her to journey back to her former brand for the third time teaming up with stars like Zoey Stark or Nikkita Lyons to complete her trophy collection and become the first Superstar in the women’s division to achieve this feat.

5. All-Time World Champion

Apart from John Cena and Randy Orton, the only other currently active Superstar on the WWE roster looking to break Ric Flair’s long standing of being a 16-time World Champion is his own flesh and blood, Charlotte Flair.

The Queen is a 12-time champion on the main roster and 2-time champion in NXT and with a long and tenured career still, ahead of her, The Queen looks to be a viable candidate to break this incredible record set by her father and cement herself as the Greatest Superstar of All Time.


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