“Face of Indian cricket”, Twitter reacts to stat that Hotstar viewership peaks when Virat Kohli is batting

It was a great day for the Indian fans on Sunday. While India asserted control over the game, the fans also got to see a Virat Kohli century. Naturally, with him batting, there will be a lot of attention. On that note, here, we take a look at how Twitter reacted to a statistic that Hotstar viewership peaks when Virat Kohli is batting.

India’s No.4 scores a brilliant century

It was way back in 2019 that Virat last scored his Test century. Although he has got a few centuries in recent times, it was in Tests that a big knock was missing. Considering this was also his favourite format, the fans were also wanting to see Virat succeed in the red-ball game.

Virat’s brilliant century could not have come at a better time, too. India could not afford to lose the ongoing game against Australia. A draw was needed to at least stay relevant for the WTC final. With Shreyas Iyer having back issues and with Australia setting a good score in the first inning, it was necessary that Virat did well. He understood the game situation and took it cautiously when the bowling was good. He hit a lot of singles and doubles, which made him get close to the coveted number. After Virat struck his century, he upped the ante to help India extend the lead. Now, India needs a strong bowling show on Day 5 to extract a win from the game.


Twitter reacts as Hotstar viewership peaks when Virat Kohli is batting

Virat Kohli is arguably the biggest brand in the game right now. Everyone wants to watch him for the intensity and class he brings to the game. Therefore, many fans tune in to watch the game only when he is around. A statistic by Hotstar also confirms the same. Here is how Twitter reacted to it:



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