What Did Tiffany Stratton Do Before Joining WWE? Looking Back At Tiffy’s Journey

Tiffany Stratton is a sensation in WWE and her days in the industry has seen her growing with every moment. She starred in her first Elimination Chamber Match in Perth Australia where the PLE was an absolute hit and everyone loved it like crazy. In fact, when Tiffany made her way to the ring, the WWE fans loved it like anything and they were off to an explosive pop.

Stratton who goes by the name of Jessica Woyniko was born on May 1st of 1999. Before Stratton rocked the show in the WWE ring, she was a gymnast and what follows suit from a gymnast always is some top-flight acrobatics and that is very evident in her in-ring antics.

Tiffany studied at St. Catherine University where she was involved in gymnastics and body building and it seems that she has made a phenomenal work of infusing both in the same breath.


Not only was she practicing gymnastics for hobby, but she went on to take on the big girls of the town where she participated in the 2016 USA Gymnastics Championship in Rhode Island. She also went onto clinch the third position in Double Mini and seventh in the Trampoline Open Category, a blazing ode to her bedazzling brilliance.

Stratton also went onto rock the show in the 2016 Winter Classic at Michigan where she registered a second place finish in the Double Open Mini Category. She came close to clinching a top three finish in the 2016 Elite Challenge in Colorado but was left seeking for more with a fourth place finish in the Trampoline Open and fifth in Double Mini.

In 2017, the Elite Challenge in Colorado saw her dropping down the charts despite being able to produce better numbers. In fact, she earned the seventh spot both in the double mini and the trampoline open.


It was following the graduation in 2019, where Tiffany’s mother got in touch with Greg Gagne who was known for his time in the American Wrestling Association to provide some serious training to the young athlete. It was in 2021 where she arrived at the WWE Performance Center and WWE NXT saw her make her debut in December 2021.

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