Erik Ten Hag Shocked The World With This Practice Antique In Manchester United Training

We have seen a lot happening in the movies where iconic coaches rub shoulder in their team and gets into activities that would otherwise sound incredible. Well, in one such incident, as reported by the Daily Mail, Erik ten Hag pulled off an antique that played a crucial role in stoking up the spirits of the players.


As per the reports of the Daily Mail, it was quoted that Manchester United players were displeased at the fact of losing a day off as they were asked to practice with a titanic clash of Liverpool in the horizon. However, in a miraculous turnaround of affairs, Ten Hag quoted that he himself is going to be a part of the run as he considers himself a member of the squad.

Erik Ten Hag is already making ripples in The Premier League fabric

It is said that given Ten Hag’s age, he had difficulties completing the run, but acts like these commands respect like none other and the ones who were still to be convinced by the Dutch preceptor, had the shot of respect shoot up by a thousand miles.



The Dutch preceptor has already made it very clear that if players are to achieve something significant, the struggle is inevitable and they will have to put themselves through hell to achieve their required target.

The announcement from ETH came in the wake of Manchester United’s emphatic win against Liverpool where the players pulled off an extraordinary display to seize the day, leaving Klopp and his wards in utter disarray.

Jadon Sancho opened the scoring for the Devils while Marcus Rashford bombed down the center to blast home the second goal of the night before Salah’s late strike reduced the arrears but wasn’t enough to salvage pride for the Reds.


Manchester United will be up against Southampton on Saturday on August 27th and will be hoping to continue their decent form after a bumpy start to the tournament. Most likely, it would herald the debut of Casemiro in the Premier League.


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