Edge Provides An Update On His Retirement From WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has recently given an estimated date for his retirement. He says he doesn’t want to see his legacy fade by hanging on for too long. Edge says he will hang up his boots when he won’t be able to compete “at an elite level” anymore.

The Rated-R Superstar was on Logan Paul’s ‘ImPAULsive’ show recently. He claimed that retirement was on his mind these days. The 49-year old Canadian revealed that he will probably give himself “another year” of showcasing his best work. Then he will start going back to the pavilion when he can’t physically compete with the younger talent any longer.

He dismissed in theory, the scenario of turning into Mickey Rourke’s character Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson from The Wrestler movie. In the 2008 film, Rourke plays an ageing wrestler who is struggling dearly in life. Edge doesn’t want to overstay his welcome with WWE. He also stated that his career wishlist “isn’t long” these days.


Edge’s Previous Retirement Announcement

Last year on the 22nd August edition of RAW, Edge had won the main event match against Damian Priest.

This was in his hometown of Toronto after more than a decade. After RAW went off air, Edge took the mic to announce something very unexpected. He announced to his home crowd that he wanted to return to Toronto next year, but for the last time. Edge wanted Toronto to be the venue for the last match of his career.

But with him giving himself another year of performance, this plan retirement must take the backseat. After a serious neck injury, Edge was out of in-ring action for almost nine years. But he finally made his miraculous return at the 2020 Royal Rumble and performed strongly against younger competition.


Although he doesn’t wrestle weekly on RAW, he has been a regular feature on the PPVs. Maybe he even has another WrestleMania left in him.

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