Does Alexa Bliss Have Real Life Heat With Sasha Banks?

Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss had a personal rivalry going a few years back. There were rumors that both of them didn’t get along and had to be kept away from each other backstage.

While the exact reason isn’t known for the heat they had, there are reports that both requested not to work with each other. Banks first brought her dislike for Bliss to light in 2017, when she went off script on RAW Talk while discussing their feud, essentially calling Alexa a fake who doesn’t know or care about wrestling and tries to avoid having a match with her.

What did Sasha Banks say in her off-script rant against Alexa Bliss?

Here’s what Sasha Banks said about Alexa Bliss in 2017: “…She was a coward. She’s always been a coward…You can’t run away from me. You can talk this, but you can’t walk the walk – cause you’ll never be me…she doesn’t show any respect. And that’s what I’m gonna teach her – respect.”


In 2018 too, The Boss brought up Bliss in an interview and said that she is doesn’t like Alexa but will wrestle her if she is required to as she does her job very well. Bliss had responded to this whole rivalry situation in a very non-confrontational manner. She stated that if Banks feels any animosity towards her, that’s her call but they need to keep personal differences aside to have a productive and professional match because that’s the main objective.

 “I’ve seen the things she said about me…we put it to the side and have a productive, professional match…” Bliss said.


However, it seems the two top stars have buried the hatchet now and all is well between them as Banks said in a 2020 interview, that Bliss would be the one who she would like to team up with and even called her “cute”.

Sasha Banks is currently under suspension after handing over her tag team titles with Naomi and walking out of a live programming. Whereas Alexa Bliss has teamed up with Asuka and Bianca Belair as a babyface team.


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