“Do you watch cricket, do you watch IPL,” Young CSK fan shocked to know Andrew Flintoff was a cricketer

Andrew Flintoff bumped into a CSK fan who never saw him play for CSK

Andrew Flintoff, who is one of the legends of the game and captained England in Ashes cricket, yesterday bumped into a guy who asked him if he knew cricket and if he ever watched cricket. It was an NRI in the UK, a young cricket fan and a keen watcher of IPL, who had no idea who Flintoff was when he got into Flintoff’s car.

Trying to initiate a conversation, the guy asked Flintoff which IPL team he supports. Flintoff, being an ex CSK player, answered that he was a supporter of Chennai Super Kings. However, the guy still had no idea that Flintoff was an ex-player and was totally shocked when Flintoff revealed he was not just a supporter of CSK, he even played for CSK.

Flintoff was then asked by that young fan when he actually played for CSK because he never saw him play for CSK. Flintoff, who was visibly perplexed by the question, told the fan that he was a CSK player in 2008, which was 13 years ago. The fan then quickly confessed that he didn’t follow the game in 2008 as back then, he was only a child.


Andrew Flintoff was one of the costliest buys for CSK, but he turned out to be hit-and-miss for them and his contract was not extended after one season, as he was in the twilight of his career. But the kind of player Flintoff was, if the IPL had come into shape at the prime of his career, he would have most likely set the stage ablaze.

Flintoff was the kind of player who would have done the toughest of jobs for the IPL teams, as he had got the skills to bowl in the death and also had the skills to hit big sixes, batting at no. 5 and no. 6, which are two of the rarest skillset available in the T20 market around the world.

Andrew Flintoff seems to be an ardent CSK supporter for life

Andrew Flintoff might not have played for CSK for a long period of time, but having put on the badge once, he seems to be an ardent CSK supporter for life, as the England legend tagged the official Twitter handle of CSK in the video where he was having a conversation with that young CSK fan.



CSK, since the time Flintoff left the club, has won 4 IPL titles and 2 Champions League titles in the last 12 years and sits second behind Mumbai Indians in terms of the no. of trophies won. Mumbai Indians have won 5 IPL titles and 2 Champions League titles.


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