Did WWE Subtly Confirm CM Punk’s Opponent For WrestleMania 41 In 2025? Exploring Potential Clue

Ever since Triple H has hit the decks, WWE is making gigantic strides already in terms of its content sphere and one of the biggest strides in the direction of greatness has been the return of CM Punk. Ever since his footfall in the Survivor series, the Straight Edge Saint has been a rock at the top of the roster. His triceps injury may have delayed his return but as rumours go, once he comes back, there is something massive in the making.

We believe that in the latest Raw episode, CM Punk himself spilled the beans on his possible next opponent and that is nothing short of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. During his promo, which left the audience in absolute awe, an injured Punk very clearly mentioned that he and Reigns will be meeting shortly.

The average guess is that they will possibly be colliding at WrestleMania 41 and there is a lot of water that needs to flow under the bridge. But if this rivalry happens, it goes without saying that possibly the Shield angle will be coming back and that is epic to say the least.


CM Punk vs Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 41?

When Punk retained one of his championships before Rock could eventually dispossess him, it was Shield that came to his aid. However, then things turned sour and the Shield turned against him and somehow he outfoxed them, left them with agony unforgettable before being powerbombed through the table.

As per the rumours, Cody Rhodes will be possibly finishing his story which will be stripping Roman Reigns of the hallowed title and then he goes back to the fighting roster. Now how Roman will be defeated, that is very unclear. There are too many grey areas on this and one of them is possibly the Rock will be betraying him.

With so much to talk about, whatever is the result, it goes without a saying that Roman and Punk is being lined up but how quickly shall it happen, that remains a speculation.


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