Did Pat McAfee Subtly Refer To An AEW Superstar During WWE RAW?

The latest episode of Monday Night RAW witnessed an electrifying showdown between two titans of the wrestling world: Cody Rhodes and Shinsuke Nakamura. Amidst the intense action and adrenaline-pumping moments, WWE commentator Pat McAfee delivered a notable comment that echoed the sentiments of millions of fans worldwide.

As the bell rang and the match commenced, the anticipation in the arena reached a fever pitch. Fans were on the edge of their seats as Cody Rhodes, also known as the American Nightmare, stepped into the ring to face off against the enigmatic Shinsuke Nakamura. However, what made this encounter truly special was the familial connection between Cody and his opponent’s legendary father, Dusty Rhodes.

The Rise of Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW

Cody Rhodes, a formidable wrestler in his own right, has carved out a legacy that stands tall. From his early days as a promising rookie to his evolution into a seasoned veteran, Cody has consistently showcased his prowess inside the squared circle. With each match, he continues to cement his status as one of the most talented performers in the industry.


As the match unfolded, Cody found himself in a back-and-forth struggle with Nakamura, each man vying for supremacy in the ring. Despite facing formidable opposition, Cody remained steadfast, drawing upon his years of experience and honed skills to outmanoeuvre his opponent at every turn.

The Legacy of Goldust

One cannot discuss the Rhodes family without mentioning the iconic Goldust, the alter ego of Cody’s brother, Dustin Rhodes. Throughout his storied career, Goldust attracted audiences with his unique persona and in-ring abilities. His influence loomed large over the matchup between Cody and Nakamura, serving as a reminder of the Rhodes family’s enduring legacy in professional wrestling.

The Triumph of Cody Rhodes

In a climactic moment that sent shockwaves throughout the arena, Cody executed his signature move, the Cross Rhodes, with pinpoint precision, laying Nakamura out cold on the canvas. As the referee’s hand slapped the mat for the final count, the crowd erupted in cheers, celebrating Cody’s hard-fought victory.


In the aftermath of Cody’s triumph, WWE commentator Pat McAfee delivered a ringing endorsement of the American Nightmare’s performance, hailing him as “wrestling like an absolute natural.” McAfee’s words resonated with fans and critics alike, reaffirming Cody’s status as a bona fide superstar in the world of professional wrestling.

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