Details Of Major Offer Made To Bray Wyatt Outside WWE Disclosed

After getting released from WWE in 2020, EC3 started his own indie pro wrestling company, Control Your Narrative, and was later joined by Karrion Kross and Braun Strowman. He recently gave his thoughts about working with Bray Wyatt and about rumors of his potential appearance on Control Your Narrative.

He had a revealing interview on The Wrestling Outlaws and said that he and Adam Scherr (WWE’s Braun Strowman) were teasing and working out a plan to let Bray Wyatt in for an appearance on Control Your Narrative. But these plans were never concrete, and He hoped that Bray returns to WWE too.

His excerpts: “So as far as Control Your Narrative, yeah, I think Adam and I definitely laid some teasers for him…But he’s awesome, so hope he gets back too.”



Where is former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt?

The former WWE Universal Champion, Wyatt, was unexpectedly released from contract last year in July during WWE’s budget cut releases, which came as a major surprise because he had competed against Randy Orton in WrestleMania 37 in a well hyped match with a supernatural angle.

After Triple H took the WWE Creative under his wing, he has been bringing back many released superstars including Bray’s former disciple Braun Strowman.

Because of this, rumors have been doing the rounds about Wyatt’s potential return and it’s been reported that he is returning in not just one but in a total of three gimmicks. Very similar to what Mick Foley had going. But all this is strictly rumors from dirtsheets.


In a recent interview too, Triple H said that he believed in Wyatt’s creative abilities and called him crazy creative who was like a whirlwind of creativity. And that he needed to be pointed towards the right direction with this.

There’s still no confirmation as to where the Eater of Worlds could show up and when but with many released talents returning, the WWE Universe is hoping to see the supernatural character return soon.


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