David Villa Joins Odisha FC To Head Its Global Operations

In what is deemed as a rollicking piece of communiqué, FIFA World Cup winner, David Villa has joined Odisha FC to spearhead its global operations. This will act as a bout of fresh air for the team after two disappointing seasons, one of which saw them finishing in the 6th position despite a decent start and the last one saw them being pummeled to rock bottom.

Odisha FC started their campaign as Delhi Dynamos along with the others ever since the inception of the tournament. However, the best finish that they had were in the second and the third season that saw them claiming the knock-out stages. Post that, the team has struggled vehemently to find their footing in every single season.

They decided to rechristen themselves as Odisha FC in 2019. Odisha FC tweeted in their latest post, citing, “World Cup winner and Spanish football legend @Guaje7Villa (David Villa) has been brought in by Odisha FC to spearhead our global football operations.”


The board which David Villa will be joining was constituted by former OFC head coach, Josep Gombau and Victor Onate.

This is what David Villa had to say:

Villa’s exclusive interview with Sky Sports included words like, “I will try and bring my experience [to the role].”

He continued, “Obviously, I didn’t play in India but I played soccer for 20 years as a professional and before that in the academy. And in all of the projects that we [my team] are involved in, I try to give all of my experience that I have in soccer. I was very lucky to have played with great players, behind me and close to me [and I also played under some] big coaches, amazing coaches. I have played in the big tournaments of football, and I will try and help using all of that experience.”


He concluded by saying, “I took a decision a year ago to stop playing because I thought that was it was the [right] moment, not because I felt that I cannot play soccer anymore. I believe if I train I can play soccer for sure. But I thought that moment [when I decided to retire] was the right time. As you know, life is not just about soccer I am 39 and I played for 20 years as a soccer player.”

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