Current Champion Criticizes WWE’s Latest Post Featuring Nia Jax

Nia Jax’s recent return to WWE has made a significant impact, as she wasted no time in wreaking havoc on the women’s division. Her ruthless attacks on fellow superstars have generated buzz, but not everyone is pleased with the way WWE has portrayed these incidents.


One of the victims of Nia Jax’s latest assault, Chelsea Green, expressed her dissatisfaction with WWE’s official Twitter handle. The company had posted a clip of Jax attacking Chelsea Green, one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions, during a recent episode of RAW. Green did not mince words in her response to the post.

Which WWE Superstars got injured because of Nia Jax?

In a tweet, Chelsea Green labeled WWE’s tweet as “disgusting” for showing her, a “two-time” champion, in a vulnerable position. Chelsea Green has been known to speak her mind when it comes to various decisions and posts made by WWE.


Here is Chelsea Green’s response to the post: “WOW. The audacity… to post your own 2x champion and in a state of pure panic! Disgusting.”

As for Nia Jax’s future plans in WWE, her recent appearances suggest that she is poised to create chaos in the RAW women’s division. Currently operating as a lone wolf, it appears unlikely that she will pursue a Tag Team Title reign at this time. Instead, the Samoan powerhouse may set her sights on Rhea Ripley, possibly leading to a marquee matchup at an event like Fastlane. The addition of Raquel Rodriguez to the mix could turn it into a triple threat showdown.

However, WWE’s backing of Raquel Rodriguez might prevent Nia Jax from immediately capturing the Women’s World Title. It is possible that she will continue to be one of RAW’s top female heels, engaging in feuds with various other babyface competitors on Monday nights.


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