Zaheer Khan and Wasim Jaffer troll each other for their past performances against West Indies

Wasim Jaffer once had better bowling figures than Zaheer Khan in a test match against West Indies

Former Indian cricketers and old teammates Wasim Jaffer and Zaheer Khan got indulged in a run of good banter on Twitter as both of them had a go at each other for their previous performances against West Indies.


It all started with Zaheer Khan tweeting about India winning all three tosses in the recent T20I series against New Zealand and asking his followers as well as his former teammates if they could remember any other such rare moments from a series.

Wasim Jaffer quoted Zaheer’s tweet with the scorecard of one of the drawn test matches on India’s tour of West Indies in 2001-02 where Jaffer had better bowling figures than Zaheer as Zaheer had gone for plenty of runs during one of the games on a flat surface.


Quoting Zaheer’s original tweet with that scorecard, Jaffer wrote that winning 3 tosses in 3 games might have been a rare occasion, but nothing can be rarer than the fact that Wasim Jaffer had better bowling figures in a test match than an elite bowler like Zaheer Khan.

Zaheer Khan also responded to Jaffer’s tweet with a scorecard

Zaheer was not going to back down from the banter game at all. He also quoted Jaffer’s tweet with the scorecard of an old game against West Indies, where Jaffer had scored a duck and Zaheer himself had scored 6 runs.

Quoting Jaffer’s tweet with that scorecard, Zaheer wrote that Wasim Jaffer getting more wickets than Zaheer Khan is equally rare as Zaheer Khan outscoring Wasim Jaffer in a test match.



It was such good fun and banter between these two classy former Indian cricketers that a lot of fans had a chuckle over it. Jaffer, however, still had the last laugh as he ended the banter saying Zaheer had an opportunity to bat in almost every test match, but Wasim Jaffer didn’t have the opportunity to bowl in every test match.



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