Twitter chuckles as Wasim Jaffer compares New Zealand to class topper who says he never studies

New Zealand has qualified to the final of third world tournament in a row

Wasim Jaffer, who is known for his coded tweets and funny analogy on Twitter, has once again come up with an analogy that has got the Twitter users chuckling as he has compared the New Zealand cricket team to that student in the school who keeps giving the impression that he has not studied well for the exam and then ends up topping the exam.

New Zealand is hardly ever considered a favorite to win the world titles, but they are there and thereabouts in most of the world tournaments they play. After qualifying to the final of the ODI World Cups of 2015 and 2019, they then won the World Test Championship (WTC) of 2021, and now they are in the final of the T20 World Cup 2021 again.

The reason why most of the pundits and the analysts don’t name New Zealand as one of the favorites to win world titles is that they don’t really have too many superstar or catchy players whom you can visualize taking the game away from the opposition in a jiffy, but what they have got is a balanced team and a good tactical captain and coaching staff.


Wasim Jaffer compares NZ to class toppers because they go about their preparations quietly

The Blackcaps don’t really sway away from their game plan in most of the games. There is nothing flashy about them that will send out the message that they can blow the opposition away, but there is a lot of substance and planning from their side which come into effect during the games they play.

The reason why Wasim Jaffer compared the Blackcaps to the class topper is that they go about their preparations in a quiet manner and deliver where it matters the most, which is what the class toppers do in school. It might be a funny analogy, but an accurate one at that.

If New Zealand wins the final of the T20 World Cup this Sunday, it will be the first time ever that a team will be the world champions in two different formats at the same time. The Kiwis are already the world champions in test match cricket, having beaten India in the final of the last World Test Championship (WTC).



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