Top 6 Most Expensive Indian buys in IPL history

Indian players have always been in demand during the Indian Premier League auctions, and there have been many who have come to be the most expensive Indian buys in the history of the tournament. Players like Yuvraj Singh have been paid hefty amounts of money over the years, and that too, not once but twice. And, here we will have a look at the 6 most expensive Indian buys in IPL history.

1. Yuvraj Singh – IPL 2015

For the 2015 season, as many as 4 teams had eyes on the veteran Indian cricket player, Yuvraj Singh and on the day of the auction, the floor became witness to a 4-way battle to buy the player.

The marquee player was bagged by the erstwhile Delhi Daredevils, at a price of Rs. 16 crores. He was not able to live up to the price tag that had been attached to him by the franchise, and that led him to be released back into the auction pool, just after a season-long stint with the team.

2. Gautam Gambhir – IPL 2011

The year that India won the World Cup, thanks to the heroics of the batsman, Gautam Gambhir, was sold at a price of Rs. 14.9 crores in the auction of the Indian Premier League to the Kolkata Knight Riders, becoming one of the most expensive Indian buys in IPL. And, the amount of money that they paid, got the best results for them.


Under Gambhir’s captaincy, the team won two IPL titles, and once he left, there has been a drought, that never seems to be ending for the side to date. The most expensive player to be sold in the auction that season, Gautam is the holder of the second place in the list of the most expensive Indian buys in IPL history.

3. Yuvraj Singh – IPL 2014

A year prior to becoming a part of the list of the most expensive Indian buys in IPL history, Yuvraj Singh, had been bought by the Royal Challengers Bangalore at the auction for a price of Rs. 14 crores, which in no sense is less, especially when compared to what the other players had been paid in that auction.

The elegant left-hander, known for his technique and prowess in white-ball cricket never seemed to be settled in the Indian Premier League, and this was the reason, that he was released by RCB. But, who knew that it would be bearing the best fruits for him.

4. Ravindra Jadeja – IPL 2012

A core member of the team now, there was a time when Ravindra Jadeja was in the auction pool and was up for grabs, and it was then when the Chennai Super Kings bought him for a sum of Rs. 12.8 crores, in the 2012 edition of the Indian Premier League, and have since then made him a part of their family.

Barring the two years when the franchise was not active, Jadeja has played for the Chennai Super Kings only and continues to be an integral part of the team’s setup and a member of the list of the most expensive Indian buys in IPL history. In fact, that season, he was the most expensive player to be sold in the auction.


5. Dinesh Karthik – IPL 2014

One of the most unassuming names in this list, Dinesh Karthik slots himself into the 5th spot in this list. Having been one of the most consistent performers for the Mumbai Indians in the previous seasons of the Indian Premier League, when his name came up for auction during the 2014 IPL auction, there were many buys interested in getting him into their side. But, in the end, it was the Delhi Daredevils, who have been a side that has bought players for big amounts in the past, got to lay their hands on Dinesh Karthik in their side.

6. Jaydev Unadkat – IPL 2018

The Rajasthan Royals in the IPL auction, took a big gamble in the form of Jaydev Unadkat on their side, by paying a total of Rs. 11.5 crores to get him into the team. Whether this gamble paid off or not, can be left to be decided by anyone, one thing is sure that Unadkat got laden with the responsibility to lead the side from the front.

The team had shown a lot of faith in him during the auctions when his name had come up and made him a part of the list of most expensive Indian buys in IPL history.


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