Top 5 Teams who have qualified to ICC finals most times

The Indian Cricket Team recently became the second team to enter the Finals of the World Test Championships. This may have brought in the curiosity in the minds of many fans about the teams that have made it to the most number of finals in the tournaments hosted by the International Cricket Council. Let us have a look at the names of the 5 teams who qualified for ICC finals most times.

1. India (10 Finals)

Having qualified for the finals of ICC tournaments 9 times, the Indian Cricket Team, after making it into the Finals of the ICC World Test Championship, became the team to have made it to the finals of the most number of ICC tournaments. It happened for the first time in the year 1983, with the team reaching the Finals of the World Cup, and since then there has been no looking back. India have played in 3 50 Over World Cup Finals, 4 Champions Trophy Finals, 2 T20 World Cup Finals and now for the first time, the Finals of the ICC World Test Championship. The Indian team in a total of 10 finals, making them the team that has made it to the ICC Finals most times.

2. Australia (10 Finals)

The team that was the first one to hit the 10 finals appearance mark was the Australian Cricket Team, who, after making it to the finals of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, held the crown of being the team that made it to the finals of the ICC Tournaments for the most number to times, until India came in and joined them at the top. Australia in the very first World Cup in 1975, made it to the Finals and then followed it up with one in 1987, and then came the 4 Finals streak, all of which were won by them.


After one season break, Australia again made an appearance in the 2015 World Cup Finals and won it again. In the meantime, they had played in the 2006 Champions Trophy Finals and again in 2009. Their only World T20 Finals appearance was in the year 2010 and that was one of the few times that they were not able to emerge as the victors.

3. West Indies (8 Finals)

Once the Goliaths of world cricket, the West Indies cricket team, were once the dominant force in cricket and have toned down a lot in recent years. They made appearances in the first 3 editions of the World Cup, and since then they have not made any.

The inaugural edition of the Champions Trophy again saw them make it to the finals and the 2004 and 2006 editions of the tournament were also the ones seeing the West Indies cricket team make it to the finals. The format that they seem to have mastered, T20 Cricket, has seen the side make 2 appearances in its World Cups, and to add to it, is the fact that they won both those editions.


4. England (8 Finals)

The England cricket team, the ones who are virtually the inventors of the sport of cricket are the teams that are tied with the West Indies in the list of the teams who qualified to ICC Finals most times. The Englishmen for the first time that they qualified to the finals of an ICC tournament was in the year 1979, which was in the World Cup (50 overs, 60 at the time).

Post that, they were a part of the 1987 and 1992 World Cup, and after that, it came to them in the year 2019, which turned out to be the first time that they were crowned to be the champions of the tournament. They were a part of 2 Champions Trophy Finals in 2013 and 2004. Their first and only ICC T20 World Cup win was in the year 2010, and then they made it to the finals again in 2016, adding to the tally of their ICC Tournament Finals appearances.

5. Sri Lanka (7 Finals)

The Sri Lankans, starting from the year 1996, which marked their first appearance in the World Cup Finals, which they incidentally won, but after that, they did not find any luck, as the team made it to the 2007 and 2011 finals too, but were not able to find any success. But, in the shortest format of the game of cricket, they have had their share of luck though.


The 2012 edition of the T20 World Cup saw them become the Champions, after having handed a defeat to the hands of Pakistan in the year 2009. In the Champions Trophy, they made an appearance in the 2002 finals, which remains to be their only appearance in the tournament’s finals, the one that was shared between them and the Indian Cricket Team.

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