Three Weirdest Dismissals in Cricket

Cricket at times can be really very funny and in the weirdest ways possible it can leave you in splits. Weird dismissals are one of those times which can turn your world upside down in a moment of instinctive madness. Despite the best of efforts from the batsmen, at times they run out into sheer dumb luck that sees them dismantled under bizarre circumstances.

We will take a look at three weirdest dismissals in cricket that will leave you mulling over the fact that even the best of the sport has faced humiliation in the grandest stages of all.

1. Andy Ducat versus Australia, 1921, Headingle

Have you ever heard about the enigmatic double-dismissal of Andy Ducat? The Englishman had a dearth of memorabilia for himself in the cricketing pitch unless this incident unspooled. Against the mighty Australians, Ducat was dismissed twice in the same delivery in two different ways.

What seemed like a nasty delivery storming at Ducat from Ted McDonald, bounced up awkwardly. In an attempt to defend it, Ducat ended up knicking off the delivery. The ball flew off to the slip where a comfortable catch was taken while a slice of Ducat’s willow flew off his bat and dislodged the bails.

He was given caught out at the slip, to save him from further mortification. Call it a poor slice of luck or one of the weirdest dismissals in cricket, that is up to you.

2. Azhar Ali versus Australia, 2018, Abu Dhabi

Complacency can be a major factor for your obliteration even from the highest possible crown. This was just a game of cricket where blind confidence and exaggerated celebrations got Azhar dismissed. Pakistan was slowly taking over the reins of the game and was steadily heading towards a magical victory.

Azhar Ali was set and was batting on 64 when he produced a howler of the highest order. After hacking the ball down beyond point, Azhar was probably expecting it to cross the boundary with consummate ease. In fact, he had so much faith in his power, he believed that it is high time for him to stand in the middle of the crease and celebrate with a short chit-chat.

Haplessly for the Pakistani right-hander, the ball was stopped in its tracks by Mitchell Starc who hurled a throw at Tim Paine. Paine effectively dislodged the bails with Azhar out of the crease


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Even before he could realize that what exactly unfolded ahead of him, Australia was celebrating their success.

3. Vasbert Drakes versus Free States, East London

We have mastered separate ways of getting out. Drakes was timed out because he was an entire day late for a Test match.

Forget confrontation, forget daunting conditions, Drakes couldn’t make it to the ground on time as his flight was an entire day late. Due to his absence and his team members not able to hold on to the might of the Proteas, Drakes was given time out. Probably the weirdest in my opinion


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