R Sridhar and R Ashwin recall how Shardul Thakur decided not to share Ravi Shastri’s advice on the field during SCG Test

Team India came out as the victors in one of the most important series of theirs in the recent times, and the way they did so, made it even more special. And, as the nation and fans of the game continue to celebrate India’s historic Test win down under, the video of Ravi Ashwin and fielding coach R Sridhar was released where they talked about Shardul Thakur, not deciding to convey Ravi Shastri’s message to Ashwin and Hanuma Vihari during the SCG Test.

The match which ended in a draw, saw some of the most scintillating performances from the Indian Test team, as they struggled to stop Australia from penetrating through their defences and winning the game. And, one of the heroes of that India victory, as it turns out was indeed the man himself Shardul Thakur.

Shardul Thakur was almost shivering, recalled Sridhar

In a video that was released on Ravichandran Ashwin’s YouTube Channel, on Friday, featuring the ace all-rounder Ashwin himself and the team’s fielding coach, R Sridhar, a statement was made by R Ashwin, that revealed that Shardul Thakur did not convey Ravi Shastri’s message on the field. As told by him, when Ashwin and Hanuma Vihari were on the crease, the team’s head coach, Ravi Shastri had asked Shardul to relay some messages to them. But, as it was revealed by Ashwin, Shardul did not say any of it when he actually got out there.


The duo who were talking their hearts out about this amusing incident recalled a lot of what transpired on the field and the dressing room that day. Sridhar, talking about Ravi Shastri told what he told,” Ashwin should take care of this end. Vihari should bat from the other end. Ashwin is the best batsman against Nathan Lyon in this entire team. So, he should bat from this end. He has a huge stride which helps him negate spin so well. Vihari is managing Starc and Cummins really well, getting underneath those bouncers. So ask them to continue’.” Sridhar and Ashwin previously had also talked about how Shardul was shivering when the coach had called to tell him what to say to the batsmen on the field.

When it was Ashwin’s turn to talk, he revealed how the two batsmen, he himself and Vihari when on the crease were obviously unaware about what was going on in the dressing room and were discussing about how well the two were dealing with the bowlers, and what should be their plan going ahead.

He then went on to add what Shardul Thakur said to them when he came in with the drinks. Ashwin told, “He was catching his breath when he reached us. We were like, ‘Just say it, man’ while drinking water.” As told by Ashwin, Shardul said, “They told me many things from the dressing room,’” after listening to which Ashwin asked him to tell what was told to him. But, as it was, Shardul, as quoted by Ashwin in the clip said, “But I am not going to say any of it. You guys are already doing a great job. So, please continue.” To this, Sridhar had animatedly added that the people in the dressing room thought that he would have conveyed the message.


What happened after it was just history. Both Ashwin and Vihari apparently did take a note of Shardul’s piece of advice and continued to bat on and on and on, saving India the match, that very well was out of their grabs. This exchange between the two of them revealed a lot about the way a Test match can pan out, same as a life of a human being where, sometimes, some things when left unsaid do wonders.


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