Mohammed Amir clarifies rumours regarding playing for another country

Mohammed Amir has been lately remaining in the news for quite a long time. There have been many rumors spreading about his career. Currently, he has been staying in the UK and spending some quality time with his family. He took his retirement from Pakistan cricket in December 2020.

A few days back, he gave an interview on, where he was asked about his plans and getting citizenship. He stated that he isn’t planning anything so far. The cricketer wants to explore the opportunities and will decide later.

The pacer added that he is currently enjoying his cricket, and his kids will also receive the education from the UK itself. However, some wrong interpretations were made on his statements which created a controversial environment.


People started assuming that Amir will start playing for England and will also be making his IPL debut. Currently, BCCI doesn’t allow the Pakistani cricketers to participate in the Indian Premier League. Amir can play once he gets UK citizenship as a foreign player.

However, Amir recently had the interview with Cricwik and cleared everything. He stated

“If I have left Pakistan cricket, it doesn’t mean I will be representing another country. That is absolutely clear. I will not be representing any other country”.


The cricketer also went to slam the media community, which keeps on making controversial content for the sake of bread and butter. He continued that he never said he would play for other nations and then feature in IPL.

Mohammed Amir hasn’t been granted citizenship yet

With 1.5 to 2 years left for his residency card, the left-arm pacer is not planning anything as of now.

Amir currently involves himself in the franchise leagues from other countries. He took his retirement from Pakistan cricket, addressing some respect issues from the management side. It would be interesting to see how he plans for his future ahead.


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