5 Players who played International Cricket while being Name Twins

International cricket over the years has seen a lot of quirky things happening. And, one of the most curious cases has been that of some players, at times coming from the same country having the same names. Many might get confused and mix them up, but here we bring to you the list of 5 such players who have had the same names, called to be name twins, and played at the highest level in cricket over the years.

1. Imran Khan

One of the legends of the sport of cricket, Imran Khan from Pakistan has had his name twins play for the same country as his. And, it was not only but two from the same country and on from the country of Portugal who played professional cricket while having the same name as the great.

Imran Khan who was the Pakistani legend played in a total of 263 international matches and scored 7,516 runs in total while taking a total of 544 wickets too. And his fellow countryman who shared the same name and played 10 Test matches, where he was moderately successful. And, the others, were into able to make it into the international scene.


2. Aminul Islam

One of the first professional international cricketers for the Bangladesh Cricket, who made his debut for the country in the year 2000, Aminul Islam has his name twin also play for his country, at the moment, making his debut in 2019 and playing his last game in 2020.

The first player who had the name of Aminul Islam after making his debut played in a total of 52 games in international cricket where he was moderately successful with the ball and the bat. He had 1,324 runs under his belt and 8 wickets to go with it. And his modern-day name twin at the moment has played 7 T20 Internationals where he has taken 10 wickets.

3. Ashfaq Ahmed

Coming in with the first cross border name twins in professional cricket, the two players who share the same name in this case, Ashfaq Ahmed, come from the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. And the way their careers have progressed, it is a really curious case to study.


The player from the UAE, who is aged 35 years at the moment, played in 28 matches in total where he managed to take 582 wickets and took 6 wickets while bowling too. And, his Pakistani counterpart, who would have been expected to play the higher number of games amongst the two, was a part of only 4 international games and in those, he took only 2 wickets and got a single run under his belt.

4. Junaid Siddique

The first Bangladeshi and UAE namesake duo coming into this list of the two players named Junaid Ahmed. As stated, one played for Bangladesh while the other played for the United Arab Emirates in international cricket, with the former being the more successful player of the two.

Junaid Siddique, the Bangladesh cricket player, was a part of 80 international games for the team, across formats, including One-Day Internationals, Tests and T20 Internationals, and in those games, he scored 2,324 runs at an average of 24.21. And, Junaid Siddique, the cricket player from the UAE, played 10 games in international matches and was a successful bowler where he took 28 wickets in total.


5. Enamul Haque

The second set of Bangladeshi name twins listed here is that of Enamul Haque. And, unlike the contrasting states of the careers of the other pairs of players who had the same name and played international cricket, they played in a similar number of games and had relatively similar runs at the highest level.

The older cricketer of the two started his run with the Bangladeshi team in the year 2001 and was a part of 39 international games, immortalising his name as one of the first players to play for the country. He had 416 runs to his name and took 36 wickets too. And, the younger one of the pair, started off his run a couple of years later and continued playing till 2013. In the time he was a part of the Bangladesh team in 25 International games and took 58 wickets in total.

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