Here is the reason why cricket clubs in England will stop serving tea at games

As reported in the Daily Mail, several cricket clubs are opting to drop the idea of serving tea and other refreshments during the game. It is a big decision from the perspective of the clubs. In this article, we take a look at the reason why cricket clubs in England will stop serving tea at games

Cricket clubs in England will stop serving tea at games

After leagues dropped rules requiring teas to be held, a few clubs have opted to not serve tea out of the fear of being sued over allergens. The season is set to start soon and the clubs have almost frozen the landmark announcement.

Fixtures secretary at the Eden Valley Cricket League, one of the big clubs in the UK, said, “Even in Test match cricket they break for tea. Everyone on the committee felt it was the wrong decision but we did not feel we had any other option.”


A decision that is likely to be debated for a long time

It is a decision that will be seen from multiple contexts as the season progresses. Usually, the clubs are required to provide adequate refreshments for those involved in the game. However, in some cases, there have been instances of the players falling sick after consuming the items. This has led to ugly tiffs with the clubs at times. In order to avoid such a situation, the clubs are being forced to drop the arrangement.

However, a few fans are arguing that these might have an effect on the proceedings of the game. Players and umpires require breaks and with clubs not offering them the adequate requirements, it might be hard on them. However, from the perspective of the clubs, they have a point in not going ahead with the breaks. It needs to be seen how the decision would be received as the season progresses.


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