Dale Steyn Talks About An Interesting Proposal Of A Free Hit In Test Cricket

Test Cricket is one format of the game that has always been at the centre of the debate on whether viewers are interested in it or not. Of course, there has been a perennial attempt to improve the balance of the game between the batsmen and the bowlers. Amidst this, former South African player Dale Steyn had an interesting suggestion. In this article, we take a look at what former South African pacer Dale Steyn had to say about a free hit in Test cricket.


Test cricket does have scope for improvisation

Test cricket is considered the purest form of the game. However, there have been cases of games getting over earlier. Also, the format is attracting attention on the final day, only when the game is on the edge. Hence, there is scope for making changes in the rules to attract more audience.

A Free Hit in Test cricket

A free hit is a delivery in which the batsman can get out only if he is out of the crease. This is given to the batsmen if the bowler bowls a no-ball. At the moment, this rule exists only in the ODI and the T20 format. However, Dale Steyn debated on whether this can be included in Tests as well.



Steyn had an interesting reason to back his proposal. He said that a free-hit would allow the tail-enders to survive better against the bowlers. Usually, the pacers stretch themselves to bounce out tail-enders. At times, they cross the line. Hence, Steyn felt that a free-hit on offer could change things. A few bowlers could avoid the bouncer and if a no-ball does occur, the tail-ender can go for a slog.

Later, in the comments section of a popular cricket platform, Steyn joked that it would have been interesting if Steve Smith‘s last ball in the recent Sydney Test to James Anderson was a no-ball.


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