7 International Cricketers Whose Relatives Played For Another Country

Cricket is a sport that’s popular across the globe. Five of the seven continents has at least one nation that is authoritative in the game. Recently, ICC has also begun penetrating the sport into nations that have fewer archives of the game. In such a scenario, it is not a surprise if players belonging to the same family play for different countries. On that note, in this article, we take a look at seven international cricketers whose relatives played for another country.


1) James Pattinson (Australia) – Darren Pattinson (England)

Relation – James and Darren are brothers

James Pattinson‘s older brother Darren Pattinson has played one Test for England. A controversial selection, Darren’s English career lasted only for one game. While James was born in Australia, Darren was born in England.


There was a lot of talk around James when he started out. However, due to a spate of injuries, he is yet to make a mark in his career. The former Mumbai Indians cricketer is therefore part of this list of seven international cricketers whose relatives played for another country.

2) Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) – Irfan Afridi (Uganda)

Relation – Irfan is Shahid’s nephew

Interestingly, Shahid Afridi‘s relative has also played cricket, that too for a lesser established nation like Uganda. Irfan Afridi has been part of the Uganda team in World Cricket League Division tournaments.


Like Shahid, Irfan is also an all-rounder. He was once banned from bowling after ICC deemed his action illegal. Since then, there has not been much news about Irfan.

3) Ajay Jadeja (India) – Duleepsinhji, Ranjitsinhji (England)

Relation – Duleepsinhji is the nephew of Ranjitsinhji. Ajay Jadeja is the great-grandnephew of Duleepsinhji

Hailing from a royal family, Ranjitsinhji and Duleepsinhji both played first-class cricket in England. They later donned the English jersey too. The duo also has a tournament named after each of them in India. Duleepsinhji is the nephew of Ranjitsinhji


Another Indian cricketer Hanumant Singh was also a nephew of Ranjitsinhji. Indrajitsinhji was a cousin of Hanumant. Ajay Jadeja happens to be the great-grandnephew of Duleepsinhji. Hanumant, Indrajitsinhji and Ajay all played for India.

4) Asif Iqbal (Pakistan) – Ghulam Ahmed (India)

Relation – Asif is Ghulam Ahmed’s nephew

Ghulam Ahmed is a former Indian cricketer who captained the team in Tests. He also served as a secretary of BCCI for a few years. An off-spinner, he played 22 Tests for India.


Ghulam’s nephew Asif was a popular cricketer for Pakistan. Even Asif captained Pakistan for a while. Asif played both ODI and Test cricket for his country. Ghulam also happens to be the great-uncle of tennis player Sania Mirza. Sania is married to Pakistan cricketer Shoiab Malik.

5) Khalid Wazir (Pakistan) – Wazir Ali (India)

Relation – Khalid is Wazir’s son

Wazir Ali played seven Tests for India. Born in Punjab, Wazir was a right-hand batsman and a medium-pace bowler. His brother Nazir Ali also played cricket for India.


Wazir’s son Khalid played two Tests for Pakistan. Khalid was an all-rounder and interestingly, he did not play any first-class cricketer after he turned 19.

6) Derek Pringle (England) – Don Pringle (East Africa)

Relation – Don is Derek Pringle’s father

Having played 30 Tests and 44 ODIs, Derek Pringle enjoyed a decent stint with the England Team. Born in Kenya, Derek was a fast bowler and was also part of the 1992 World Cup.


Derek’s father Don Pringle played cricket for East Africa. He was part of the inaugural Cricket World Cup in 1975. However, he passed away in a car crash the same year.

7) Darren Lehmann (Australia) – Craig White (England)

Relation – Darren and Craig are brothers-in-law

Darren Lehmann is a former Australian cricketer who played both Tests and ODIs for his country. He won the World Cup in 1999 and 2003. The left-handed batsman has also had a stint as the Head Coach of Australia.


Lehmann is married to Craig White’s sister. White has represented in 30 Tests and 51 ODIs for England. The duo played together at Yorkshire. White is also a certified coach. Hence, the duo is part of this list of seven international cricketers whose relatives played for another country.


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