Cody Rhodes Wins Hearts Of Fans With Incredible Gesture After WWE RAW Goes Off Air

Cody Rhodes had a pretty eventful evening which unfurled on 26th February and whatever happened on the live TV wasn’t the last of the American Nightmare that the world had seen. Once the show went off air, Rhodes pulled off a crazy stunt and that got caught in social media and started fanning out like wildfire. So what was the crazy stunt? We call it a gender reveal.

In the singles match that Cody was a part of on the 26th February, he was pitted against Grayson Waller. Cody comfortably secured a victory and following that battle, he was confronted by Paul Heyman, he made it very clear that he was going to hunt down the Bloodline piece by piece.

After Raw was off air, Cody extended his love to a couple present in the ringside, making their upcoming moment of joy a crazier one. He went up to them and did a gender reveal for the guests in the ring itself, making it a memorable night for them for the rest of their life.


Here is what Cody Rhodes did to the couple in the audience

It was a sign in the audience that asked Cody to point out whether it was a boy or a girl. Cody picked it up in no time and asked the audience to start with their guesses. Once that was taken care of, he then went onto do the reveal himself. He also expressed how touched he was with the gesture because he had never done a gender reveal before.

Cody said that the reveal was for the arena’s baby. He opened the envelope and said that it was going to be a boy. He also quipped that Cody is a terrible name to be bestowed upon a kid and this spread laughter everywhere in the building. Just tells you so much love that everyone has for Cody.


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