CM Punk Responds to AEW Star’s Demand for Payment of Excessive Sum

CM Punk has always been a heartthrob in wrestling and from delivering those iconic pipebombs to pulling off those incredible moves in the ring. From being a Paul Heyman guy to being a Tony Khan guy, he has shown it to the world, that no matter which promotion he is delivering the payload for, if he is content with what is going on, he will make money for you.

After a brief hiatus from the iconic rings, he returned to limelight, signing for AEW. He definitely delivered the load in style showing what made him one of the fiercest fighters in the ring. However, things went horribly south when he got involved into a major altercation with Tony Khan at ‘All In’ in 2023.

Following that, after a lot of speculations, Punk returned to WWE in the upcoming Survivor Series and despite mixed reactions, fans have already started loving him as always and he continues to do whatsoever he does best.


Here is what CM Punk had to say about his return to WWE

Of late another incident happened where AEW star Danhausen took to Instagram and posted a story, claiming that the Straight Edge Superstar owed him a staggering $98,000 for a comic. Guess what, the 33-year-old is one of the special superstars who dishes out one comical showdown after the other.

Guess what, Punk didn’t mind that either and neither did he back down. He posted an Instagram story of his own stating, “Pay you next time I see you, geek.”

Punk also discussed why he returned to WWE, talking to TNT Sports stating, “You know, balance is kind of key but when you’re young and you wanna go and you have to take every opportunity that comes your way, you can’t say no, and then after a while, you burn out.”


Then he said that it’s all about time and it’s all about realizing that when you get old, when you start growing with balance, it all heals and eventually you realize that all you need, is a home.

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