CJ Perry Posts Photo with Batista and Prominent WWE Figures During AEW Break

It seems that former WWE star, CJ Perry also known as Lana, has been in the midst of some serious attention for media. She recently announced the ending of her marriage with Miro after being together with her for seven years. However, she got picked up in the limelight again when she posted a photo of her with WWE legend, Batista.

Now this remains something common amongst WWE superstars but when kayfabe happens, ideally, one doesn’t need to break character unless there is something in its wake. She has been absent from AEW for a while. Now that she shares a snap of Batista, fans are speculating something.

Perry joined AEW in September 2023 while since then she had pursued a managerial role in the company. She was managing Andrade until the latter decided to switch allegiance and make a return to WWE in the Royal Rumble.


Here is what CJ Perry had to say about her recovery

In December, Perry suffered a finger injury and since then she has been away from wrestling. Still recovering from her injury, Perry decided to share a word for the iconic Dave Bautista or someone whom you know as Batista.

In the latest release of Batista’s silverscreen exploits, Dune 2 was the name to watch out for. He was joined by Perry, Titus o Neil and MVP in the premier of the movie that starred Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya. Batista had already taken the backseat as he called it a day in WWE while MVP is currently managing Omos. Titus is the Global Ambassador for the Triple-H led company.

Revealing details about her recovery from the surgery, Perry said, “After 120 hours of being in the hospital, they finally caught the severe infection that was hitting my nervous system. The doctors said they caught the infection before it hit my organs and bones. The doctors had to remove the infection by cutting open my finger and draining the infection out. I will be having an open wound and heavy duty IV antibiotics to keep the infection out.”


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