“Bazid Vs Ian Smith, Morrison and Doull in the comm box,” Pakistan fans react on twitter as English commentary roster is released by ICC for Pakistan Vs New Zealand semi-final

Bazid Khan is the only Pakistani commentator who is a part of the commentary roster for the Pakistan Vs New Zealand semi-final

As the list of the commentators for today’s much anticipated Pakistan Vs New Zealand semi-final came out, some Pakistan fans were quite disappointed to see that Nasser Hussain’s name didn’t feature in the list.

Nasser would probably have been on the roster for the Pakistan Vs New Zealand game if England was not playing in the other semi-final against India the very next day in Adelaide. But since England has also qualified to the semis of the T20 World Cup 2022 and has to play against India tomorrow, Nasser is on the roster for that game.

However, the Pakistan fans are happy that some renowned commentators have still been put on the roster for Pakistan’s game. The likes of Ian Smith, Simon Doull, and Ian Bishop, who are regarded as some of the best commentators in the world, will be commentating in the first semi-final of the T20 World Cup on Wednesday.


Danny Morrison is also a part of the commentary roster for the Pakistan Vs New Zealand semi-final

Apart from these three, the former New Zealand fast bowler Danny Morrison will be there too who is known for his cheeky and hilarious comments on air. Since ICC had to create two separate rosters for the two semi-finals which are going to take place on back-to-back days, it wasn’t possible to put all the renowned commentators on the same roster, but the rosters for both games look good separately.

Some of the Pakistan fans were still complaining on Twitter about the absence of Nasser Hussain because of most of the iconic wins that Pakistan has secured in modern-day white ball cricket in the last few years, Nasser has always been on air commentating on those games during crunch moments. The Pakistan fans consider Nasser as their “lucky charm”.

Here are the reactions of the Pakistan fans on Twitter after the roster of the English commentators for the first semi-final was released –



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